Changes to IOPRR Procedure

Goldman Changes have been made to the IOPRR procedure in Warwickshire. A new claim form is to be submitted to a new email address and a pre-validation process prior to invoicing is no longer needed.


If you need any help in using the new form please contact:

For further information regarding the contract please contact:


IOPRR Contract Deadline

GoldmanThe following information is for current providers of intra Ocular Pressure Referral Refinement in Warwickshire:

Arden Commissioning Support are currently drafting contracts for IOPRR. Existing providers need to provide their contract information by the 19th September to be able to submit activity for validation and payment. Currently less than half of the practices in Warwickshire have signed up.

Please contact Jonathan Westwood using for further information.

SWCCG LES IOPRR Contract Transfer in Preparation for AQP

SWCCGOne for Acronym lovers.

South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group (SWCCG) has announced a contract transfer for the Local Enhanced Service (LES) – Intra Ocular Pressure Referral Refinement (IOPRR).

The contract will be transferred to a Standard NHS Contract for one year after 31st March 2014 for 12 months while they review the service and deliberate on future commissioning using the Any Qualified Provider (AQP) Contracting Mechanism.

The service should continue as normal for the 12 months period with no changes to provider payment arrangements.

The attached (three part) letter from SWCCG details the changes.

SWCCG IOPRR LES transfer (1)
SWCCG IOPRR LES transfer (2)
SWCCG IOPRR LES transfer (3)