IOP Referral Refinement


There are greater demands on Ophthalmological services as a result of advances in treatment and the growing and ageing population. Community Services help to lessen unnecessary referrals, resulting in reduced costs and increased hospital capacity.

Warwickshire LOC with support from LOSCU have developed an IOP Referral Refinement Pathway and are currently working towards establishing further Community Services that benefit patients, practitioners and the NHS.

The aim of this pathway is to:

  • reduce unnecessary referrals to the hospital eye service
  • reduce patient anxiety and increase capacity within the overburdened hospital glaucoma clinics
  • provide a more cost effective service with a greater number of patients being managed within the primary care setting

The service is fulfilled by accredited providers only.

IOPRR Providers List

The attached documents provide details of the IOPRR pathway and claims procedure. Also attached are claim documents for approved providers:

IOPRR Care Pathway

North Warwickshire IOP Refinement Record   South Warwickshire IOP Refinement Record (Note: These forms should be partially completed by non-accredited Opticians before handing to the patient to take to their chosen provider. However, they no longer need to be used in the claim process)

IOPRR Claim Process 

IOPRR Claim Form 14-15

NHS SBS Invoice Template

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