NEW: C&W LOC members Forum

Dear colleagues
The LOC is introducing a forum for members to join in discussion of cases created by a member, posted onto the forum and for Communication officer to update and post for the user group. the format will be presented in the following example:
Discussion details:
Group: C&W LOC Forum
Created by: XXXXX -edited by Chaaban Zeidan
Date and time posted: 13th July 2019- 11:20
Title: Emergency attendance in Practice
Dear all
I saw a 39 yrs old 8/12 pregnant patient who attended my practice today with sudden blurring central vision when looking into her telephone but normal peripheral vision- central blurring is better if looks sideways on telephone. Normally wears -3.00 IDMJJ CL EE and claims has had CL check few weeks ago and was told unremarable findings!
what is next move and how should  we handle this case?


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