An Important Message From Our Chair – LOC Merger

On Wednesday 28th January 2015 an Extraordinary General Meeting was held by Warwickshire and Coventry LOCs. This was to consider the proposal that the two LOCs should become one committee. All local practitioners had been invited to attend, or to send in by email, their opinions on the proposal. There were no objections from members of the individual Committees or the local practitioners, and a general agreement from those present was that this would be a good and sensible merger, and the proposal was agreed.

There will, therefore, be elections of officers and members for the new committee. The process and membership balance will be discussed at the next LOC meeting in March, and practitioners will be kept informed of the decisions. Anyone wishing to stand is invited to put themselves forward before the AGM, which will be held on 21st May 2015.

Jayne Dunn

Joint Chair Coventry and Warwickshire LOC



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