Coventry And Warwickshire LOCs To Amalgamate – Meeting Called

Dear Colleagues,

Coventry and Warwickshire LOC’s have decided that it would be best practice that the 2 LOC’s amalgamate, due to the new Arden Cluster and CCG. So because of the LOC constitution, we have to let you all know. There will be a meeting held at the Rose and Crown Market Square Warwick on Wednesday 28th of January at 7pm .

The meeting will last only approximately 15 minutes as we just have to go through formalities. This meeting is just to vote to say that you are happy that the 2 LOC’s amalgamate. All the present officers will remain in post until the Warwickshire AGM in April/May 2015. At which time, all the officers and committee members of both Coventry and Warwickshire LOC’s will be up for re-election.

If I do not hear from you , I assume you will all be happy with the situation and that you are not attending the meeting.

If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas

Kind regards,


Secretary to Warwickshire LOC


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