Quality in Optometry

qioQuality in Optometry (QiO) is a toolkit for clinical governance in optometric practice. The Arden, Herefordshire and Worcester Area Team will use the toolkit, specifically ‘England Level 1’ to check and monitor Warwickshire’s Optometric Contractors General Optical Service (GOS) contract compliance.

Our Area Team requested the completion of the QiO Level 1 checklist by the 30th June 2013. Non-compliance will result in the termination of contracts. Compliance Visits are more likely if the QiO Level 1 checklist is not completed or the criteria within is not met.

The Quality in Optometry website can be found HERE.

Essential Documents for QiO Level 1 Checklist:

Safeguarding and Child Protection Contact Information

If you have any further queries please contact Denise Goddard at the Area Team (details below).

Denise Goddard
Primary Care Commissioning
Primary Care Support
NHS England Arden, Herefordshire and Worcestershire Area Team
Wildwood Drive


Tel: 01138253143

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