Meeting of Thursday 23rd January 2020
Venue – The Almanack – Kenilworth

The meeting opened at 6.30pm
Those present: Jason Rice (Chair), Dilesh Makwana (Sec), Jon Belcher, Gurpreet Bains, Susan Bowers, Jane Kempton, Suresh Munyal, Russell Peake, Chaaban Zeidan, Joy Elwell, Mike Harris, Raj Jogia.
Apologies: Kiran Bola, Francesca Marchetti, Michelle Corrin, Sukhinder Cheema.
Minute taker: Bev Morris.
The minutes of the last meeting were accepted with no amendments
Matters arising:
CHEC are now taking everything. Under 18’s can now go through CHEC. The patient is given a leaflet when discharged at the post op but they are not given a number to call if they have any problems. Not many practices are accredited (i.e. with Wopec, MECS certificates) many are too busy to get accredited.
Javid can be contacted to find out who is accredited, details to go on the website.
How CHEC has worked up till now is a patient is triaged at 1st point of contact then details are scanned to CHEC who decide where the patient needs to go (patient is contacted within 48 hours). As of 27 th January the patient can been seen in the practice (no triage) and if necessary then through CHEC. There are different tiers for different conditions, Jon to send details toDilesh.
Non accredited ‘OO’s can send the patient to accredited practices and as said before can get a list from Javid. Jon to do an up to date list and send to Chaaban to put onto the website. This may encourage more practices to join and get accredited.
Post op Cataracts In the Gloucester area New/Spa Medica are emailed or faxed through Optomanager. Warwick/ Stratford HES send patients with post op cataract forms for community Optometrist to fill out. These are voluntary. Should we be filling them out and returning results to HES if we are not being paid?

Jane went to see Spa Medica to see what happens, the cost is £43 per eye and they do not
refer to CHEC. Spa Medica just want a refraction with no need to dilate. Jane feels that a
dilation should be done to cover the OO. Coventry does post op cataract in house. Jane is pushing to get the ‘easy’ ones out to the community.
This all needs consistency as its not part of the GOC contract.
Jon asked Richard Rawlinson if there are any post op services in South Warwickshire?
This was put out to the committee: Mike wants guidance as we shouldn’t do this for free. We need advice in a constructed way, a proper pathway and payment. Chaaban suggested a pro forma invoice sent to all community
Optometrists to charge Warwick HES an admin fee for the paper work if we are filling in Post Op Cataract information, the concern being we will never be able to have a Post Op Cataract service in South Warwickshire if we are happy to do this work for free. Jason to send a letter to all contractors.
There is a charge for filling in forms i.e. HGV, passports, aviation etc.
It was agreed to place on the website a proper pathway with a pro forma invoice for all to use. Jon to talk to/letter to Megan suggesting that we need guidance to practices from the GOC. IOPPS are done easily so why can’t this?
AGM Thursday 14 th May at the Warwick Arms Hotel (booked)
What are we doing?
Peer review? But only in the 2nd cycle (good for next year as in the 3rd cycle)
What about “Myopia Control” Sue will speak to Nicola or Paul at Aston to possibly do a lecture. Susan will also speak to Coopervision to be there.
There are new contact lens testing in Australia and new types of lenses in Spain.
Sponsors could be Coopervision (Misight lens), Milo Lens (Mark Ennovy).
Eye casualty at UHCW
Plans are not yet in place, training is ongoing for flashes and floaters but possibly by the end of Feb into March. The protocols are now 2 weeks.
Eye Casualty at UHCW are having large numbers, and many don’t come from the right areas. The South Warwickshire model is with CHEC. There are enough ‘OO’s around the Walsgrave but they can’t cope as they haven’t enough staff. Most of this should be stopped at the triage stage.

The subcommittee – how do we find out which OO’s want to go on courses via WOPEC? Suresh
reported that at least 30 people from North, South and Coventry etc areas want to go on
courses but what funds do we have to support this? To go online through WOPEC is free. Level one is easier online but level two is more of a problem. Suresh will send the list of the 30 OO’s to Dilesh. It was reported that the Stratford area do get funding, can we get in touch to find out how they get their funding, it was reported that Kiran has already done this and will report her findings at a later date.
Chaaban suggested that the candidate initially pay for the course and when they have
completed and passed, they could be refunded the fees. In his last area there were 210
candidates and only 43 completed so it could be do able.

Jane reported that faxes were not to be used for wet AMD referrals and the email address for this is
There are templates on our website for practices to use. Suresh will find out who accepts faxes or emails through the CCG and what is the policy for
doing this. Remember South Warks don’t refer to GP they use CHEC.
Is the Warwick Arms the right place to hold the AGM as the room is a strange shape? Dilesh will investigate other places as the topics this year will be popular and many more people may attend. To look at Chesford Grange, Warwick Hilton, Holiday In (Kenilworth) to keep it central for everyone.
The next meeting will be at The Almanack, Kenilworth on Thursday 19th March (confirmed) at 6.30pm.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.55pm.