CCG Commissioned Triage with CHEC

To All South Warwickshire Optometrists

Re: New Community Ophthalmology Service

As you will be aware, the CCG has commissioned a new community triage and treatment service for routine ophthalmology referrals. The Provider, Community Health and Eyecare Limited (CHEC), successfully mobilised this service on 1st September 2019, and therefore we are writing to all local optometrists to provide clarity on the changes in referral routes.

The new service model operates a single point of access triage service for all routine ophthalmology referrals, including direct referrals from optometrists. This change in referral route has multiple benefits, primarily for patients as it removes delays from the process; but also reduces the unnecessary administrative workload burden on the GP. Under this delivery model, Optometrists will also have access to specialist advice and guidance from CHEC on referrals to improve referral quality to secondary care.

The CCG is therefore encouraging all South Warwickshire optometrists to refer directly into this service via the online portal hosted by CHEC or via CHEC are commissioned to provide services for patients aged 16 years and over. They will also act as a referral management hub for all referrals except 2ww and same day emergency referrals. Therefore, moving forward all referrals (including those for patients under 16 years) should be referred to CHEC.

To gain log-in access to the online referral portal optometry practices you should contact the engagement manager Javed Hussain by email at or by phone 01772 717167. Javed will also be able to provide more information on the new referral process, and answer any questions you may have.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries.

Yours sincerely

Megan Isaac
Commissioning Manager

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